Marie Zhuge and husband fought over Cecilia Cheung

Marie Zhuge and her husband had a cold war for a week because she wanted to give ex co-star Cecilia Cheung an acting opportunity

Marie Zhuge and husband fought over Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung was kicked out of a film project because of her bad attitude and diva-like behaviour towards her former manager, but the boss of her entertainment company’s wife, Marie Zhuge, was very fond of her and insisted on securing her a female lead role in a new drama series.

Years ago, Hong Kong model-actress Marie collaborated with Cecilia, filming All’s Well, Ends Well in 2011. She used to admire Cecilia for her strong personality.

However, Marie had received a lot of opposing advice from her friends and admitted that she had fought with her husband because he does not support her idea and that she was unhappy about the fight. This resulted in a cold war for an entire week and the couple’s first quarrel since marriage.

Marie, wanting to give Cecilia the opportunity to act, made a request to sign an agreement with Cecilia, to make sure that she would not display bad behaviour on set. If violated, high compensation will be required and the company signed her agreement eventually.

Xue Jialin said that it was normal to have differing views, adding: “You must be careful when investing in businesses, especially in this line of work. It is not simply based on who or what you like. You have to carefully evaluate each decision.”

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