Mario Ho’s mother ‘won’t interfere in his friendships’

By2 Yumi’s relationship with casino mogul’s son given green light

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Angela Leong, fourth “wife” of Macau’s casino mogul Stanley Ho, has said in a recent interview that as long as her son Mario, 20, placed his studies first, she wouldn’t interfere in his friendships. Her remark was seen as a hint that she may have eased her objection to his dating pop star Yumi.

One half of Singaporean pop duo By2, Yumi has been seeing Mario since last December, after the pair were spotted out shopping together.

Though Yumi has never explicitly confirmed their relationship, she has left hints on her social media accounts, with one Instagram post from Monday saying, “No matter how much I’m bleeding, I’ll still smile and say I’m OK.”

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Angela was also asked whether she would object to her son dating a girl who has undergone plastic surgery, and she replied that she was an old-timer and that the question should be directed at her son instead.

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