Mark Chao and Gao Yuanyuan display their love

The newlyweds took a picture together with Mark’s latest movie poster

高圆圆赵又廷婚后首晒合照 网友高呼"恩爱"1

Taiwanese actor Mark Chao and Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan registered their marriage this June and they were seen together in a photo as a married couple for the first time on Wednesday.

Mark is currently busy with promotions for his new movie Black & White: The Dawn of Justice and while Yuanyuan is tied up with both work and preparations for their wedding, she still took time off to promote the movie.

The 35-year-old uploaded a photo of them imitating the characters in the movie poster onto Weibo – Mark as himself and Yuanyuan as his co-actor Lin Gengxin.

They even coordinated the colours of their clothes to match those of the characters.

Netizens commented on how loving the couple was and some exclaimed, “It is rare that the beauty is showing off their love.”

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