Mark Chao is back to business in Canada

Mark Chao has resumed his filming schedule and plans to “go with the flow” in terms of having children

Mark Chao is back to business in Canada

Taiwanese actor-singer Mark Chao spoke about his on-set accident when he attended an endorsement event yesterday.

Mark, who plays a warrior in the film, fell and landed on his sword on set in Xiangshan, China. He was immediately sent to the hospital’s A&E centre and has since recovered well, despite suffering abdominal pain and a fracture in his left rib. 

The actor explained, “My injury is nothing serious, although I still can feel the impact in my heart and will be unable to do intensive or strenuous activities for now.”

The 30-year-old is currently in Canada shooting more scenes for the project and his Chinese actress wife, Gao Yuanyuan, visits him on set when she isn’t busy with her work.

He also praised his “virtuous wife” at the event for “handling every family matter, big or small”.

When asked about whether or not he would be becoming a father soon like his good friend Lu Xiaofeng, who announced the happy news just a few days ago, Mark replied, “It’s a little bit unfair… How do I beat that? What do you want me to do? I think I could only be faster than him if I adopt a baby now!”

Mark continued to explain that they have been planning to have a baby, but would like to “go with the flow”. He added that has no preference for a boy or girl, stating that he “hopes to have both” and laughed when he revealed that he wouldn’t mind having twins either.

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