Mayday attacked online for its endorsement of rogue insurance firm

Rock band called out on its inaction following payout scandal


Taiwanese rock band Mayday has been getting bad press lately for its eight-year endorsement of Mercuries Life Insurance in Taiwan, and fans have attacked the members on Facebook for not speaking out against a high-profile insurance payout scandal.

“At least step out and give your fans a comment, it’s ridiculous that you’re keeping silent,” one fan said.

Mercuries Life Insurance recently earned the hatred of the Taiwan public when it refused to pay compensation for a 34-year-old renovation worker who had held an accident policy for 13 years and who died in a workplace accident. The insurance firm insisted his cause of death was hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (an abnormal thickening of the heart muscle) instead.

“You have money to hire Mayday to shoot advertisements for you, but you can’t afford to compensate your clients?” some netizens said.

Mayday’s record label, B'in Music, finally broke its silence on Wednesday and issued a statement that read: “Given our long-term collaboration, it’s been our practice to renew our endorsement agreement with Mercuries Life Insurance for one year at the end of every year.

“But given the unfortunate situation now, before the insurance and legal issues are sorted out, we’ll temporarily suspend the automatic endorsement renewal.”

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