Mayday’s Ashin misses performing at Jolin Tsai’s concert

Rock musician develops allergic reaction and can’t join his band on stage

Jolin, Mayday 1

Ashin, lead singer of Taiwanese rock band Mayday, had to skip performing with his band at pop star Jolin Tsai’s concert at Taipei Arena due to an allergic reaction.

Jolin had booked the band as guest stars for her Taipei concert three months ago, but during rehearsal yesterday afternoon Ashin suddenly developed an allergic reaction and had to miss the concert.

During Jolin’s show, she performed with the rest of Mayday as the Mayflower band and sang in Ashin’s place. But after the segment ended, Mayday bassist Masa forgot it was Jolin’s concert and said to the crowd, “Hello, we’re Mayday!” Jolin quickly corrected him, “You mean Mayflower!”

Jolin, Mayday 2

The diminutive diva joked, “I’m so daunting that Ashin came down with an allergy just on hearing my name.”

Masa went on poking fun at the absent Ashin: “If Ashin had turned up he would have had to sing duets, because he’s no good with musical instruments. But the four of us had actually planned to exclude him from the performance today.”

“His allergy is acting up really badly, and the other day when I called him to discuss what songs to sing at Jolin’s concert, and he said, ‘Jolin, huh? I think I’ll get an allergic reaction.’”

Jolin, Mayday 3

After the concert ended, Jolin was asked about the accident at the venue of her concert in Nanning, China, and she said, “The accident reminded me that we should try to stay happy, because accidents happen so unexpectedly.”

Asked whether staying happy meant she was marrying her boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, anytime soon, Jolin swiftly denied it.

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