Mayday’s Guan You writes love dedication to wife

Guan You penned a note to his wife to commemorate their 9th wedding anniversary

Mayday’s Guan You writes love dedication to wife

Mayday drummer Guan You (also known as Ming) usually keeps a low profile, but the 41-year-old never fails to write and dedicate a post on social media to his wife Wang Xingzhi on her birthdays and their wedding anniversaries.

In celebration of their 9th wedding anniversary yesterday, Guan You posted four of his wife’s selfies as well as their wedding photograph on Weibo with a heartfelt caption: “Are you happy that you chose to marry this fool for 9 years now? [Thank you] for being you, the adorable, happy person you are, who’d help me forget my frustrations. Most importantly, thank you accompanying me in this journey and growing with me. Xingzhi, happy 9th wedding anniversary.”

Mayday’s Guan You writes love dedication to wife

Netizens were touched by his declaration of love. Some expressed envy and others left the couple words of congratulations: “You’re not a fool, you’re smart for marrying such a good wife”, “It’s so sweet, I’m going to cry”, “Please stay happy together forever” and “Remember to take Xingzhi for a honeymoon!”

In 2005, Guan You successfully proposed to Xingzhi by presenting a bouquet of 99 roses to her on stage at his Beijing concert in front of the audience. The couple tied the knot in 2006 and have two daughters aged 8 and 6.

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