Mayday’s Masa holds low-key wedding in Greece

The joyous occasion was attended by his fellow band members with around 40 guests in total

Mayday’s Masa holds low-key wedding in Greece

On Saturday (June 13), Mayday member Masa tied the knot in Santorini, Greece and his romantic low-key wedding was attended by only 40 close relatives and friends, including his closest pals from Mayday.

The bassist had announced on Facebook last November that he and his long-time girlfriend, famous fashion designer Vicky Hsieh are officially married. At that point in time, he said that they have no plans to throw a wedding bash.

However, Masa and Vicky went ahead with a wedding celebration seven months later and spent the past few days preparing for it. They chose to have it on the beautiful Greek island of Santorini because they both love its romantic scenery and didn’t want to be harassed by reporters.

Mayday’s Masa holds low-key wedding in Greece

Masa had hoped that they could get married in anonymity and did not expect to be recognised by the locals. The newly-weds will be going on their honeymoon after their wedding.

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