Mayday’s Monster spotted on Tokyo date with girlfriend

Wedding rumours swirling yet again for the couple

Mayday's Monster

Monster, the lead guitarist of Taiwanese rock band Mayday, was snapped on the streets of Tokyo enjoying a casual date with his long-time girlfriend, Lu Zhi Ying, once again leading to wedding rumours.

The couple were seen eating sushi and walking with linked arms.

Mayday was in Japan performing concerts at The Nippon Budokan arena on August 28 and 29, Taiwan media reports. Monster (actual name Wen Shang-Yi) and Zhi Ying are said to have been dating for close to two years and often set off wedding rumours.

Fans who saw the posted photo congratulated the couple, and expressed hope that Monster would be the next band member to get married, after bassist Masa tied the knot in Greece in June.

Zhi Ying is the younger sister of Mayday guitarist Stone’s wife and a guitarist herself. She was part of Stone’s sound technician team while the band toured, and got along well with Monster.

The couple were also spotted in Harbin, China, and Shanghai strolling through the city holding hands after Mayday concerts there ended. Zhi Ying was later transferred to manage captions for Mayday, but still got to stay with the band on tour.

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