Michael Tse’s son turns 100 days old

Michael Tse’s wife posted a picture of their son wearing a monster onesie on his hundredth day anniversary

Michael Tse’s son turns 100 days old

Hong Kong actor Michael Tse’s beloved wife Tina Lee gave birth to their son Theo Tse on February 3 earlier this year. She posted a photo on Weibo yesterday of Theo in a monster onesie outfit, drooling and smiling brightly at the camera, in commemoration of his hundred-day-old celebration.

Bursting with adorableness, the boy garnered netizens’ praises for being “way too adorable” and looking like a “handsome doll”. Well-wishes poured in from fans too, hoping for Theo to be “healthy” and “happy”.

Due to 47-year-old Michael’s pop star status, he received plenty of presents from a whole bunch of celebrity godparents even before Theo turned a hundred days old. He also took to Weibo to praise Theo for being clever and intelligent.

Michael and Tina, who have been married for a decade now, have always been looking forward to having a child of their own. On their fourth try of artificial impregnation, they finally succeeded and Tina gave birth to Theo by caesarean section.

After the arrival of his newborn child, the proud father promised to “nurture” him to be the best.

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