Michelle Chen quashes pregnancy rumours with workout video

Recent episodes of nausea, hospital visit spark suspicions of a baby on the way


Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen has issued a creative response to pregnancy rumourmongers: a workout video. The Weibo clip posted yesterday shows her in exercise attire and going through a series of ab crunches, rope skipping and standing balance on one leg, with a short message that read, “Abs, wait for me!”

After coming clean about her relationship with her Romance of the Condor Heroes co-star Chen Xiao recently, Michelle is still embroiled in controversy. Chinese actor Tong Dawei, her co-star in the new comedy film Scandal Maker, confirmed that she had been unwell on set and experiencing nausea since early August, even going for a checkup at hospital, all leading netizens to speculate she was pregnant.


Michelle’s manager denied this, saying, “Since Michelle and Chen Xiao went public with their relationship on August 27, they’ve received well-wishes from many and are grateful. But rumours on the Internet about a pregnancy are untrue. Michelle is filming, she is well, thank you all for the concern.”

Her manager went on to explain that Michelle’s hospital visit had been to get a boil on her arm treated, in case it developed into cellulitis.

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