Michelle Reis freezes eggs to try for second child

Actress–model open to hiring surrogate mother


Hong Kong actress and model Michelle Reis, 45, has said she’s trying for a second child, and she won’t rule out using a surrogate.

In a recent interview, Michelle said she has had her eggs frozen. The 1988 Miss Hong Kong winner has one son, Jayden Max, 5, with her shipping magnate husband, Julian Hui, and the couple hope to have a daughter next.

According to Hong Kong media, she’s seeking advice from traditional Chinese medical practitioners. And to prepare Jayden Max for a role as an older brother, Michelle often lets him play with other children.

Michelle married Julian in 2008, and after Jayden Max’s birth in 2011 Michelle focused on raising him. She was recently rumoured to be pregnant with her second child.

Photos: PBE Media

Michelle Reis rumoured to be pregnant  

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