Michelle Reis rumoured to be pregnant

Actress avoids media after attending Madonna concert in Hong Kong with husband


Hong Kong actress and model Michelle Reis, 45, is rumoured to be in the early stages of her second pregnancy, after she and her husband, businessman Julian Hui, avoided the media on their way out from Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour concert in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

This comes after their marriage was suspected to be in trouble: Michelle was absent from family events on the second and third day of Chinese New Year, February 9 and 10.


Outside the concert venue, Michelle and Julian were asked directly whether they were expecting a second child, but the actress smiled and said nothing. Once she got into her car, she placed her handbag over her abdomen.

Some suspect they couple are keeping quiet because the first trimester hasn’t passed.

Michelle and Julian married in 2008 and have one son, Jayden Max, 5.

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