Michelle Reis wants to try for baby girl

The 44-year-old actress has frozen her eggs 

Michelle Reis wants to try for baby girl
Hong Kong actress Michelle Reis, who recently changed her mind about stopping at one child, has gone for oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing) in order to try for a baby girl.

After giving birth to her son Jayden Max in 2011, Michelle declared that she will not have another baby because it is “too tiring”.

At an event on Tuesday, the 44-year-old was seen holding the hands of child model Celine Yeung tightly, displaying her affection for the little girl. While speaking to reporters, Michelle said that boys are very active whereas girls seem easier to look after.

“I have to chase after him till I’m half dead! When I look at other people’s daughters, I find them very adorable,” she laughed.

The actress also revealed that she often discussed with her husband about adding a new member to their family and that she is now ready for it. Due to her age, Michelle has frozen her eggs and is considering hiring a surrogate mother.

When asked if she would choose the baby’s gender via artificial insemination, the former beauty queen rejected the idea and said: “I know modern technology is capable of anything, but we wouldn’t go to such extremes.” 

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