Michelle Yeoh and fiancé escape Nepal earthquake

The Hong Kong actress and her fiancé have safely returned home after experiencing the 8.1-magnitude earthquake while being in Nepal for an event


Hong Kong actress Michelle Yeoh and her fiancé Jean Todt have safely escaped disaster-stricken Nepal and returned to their home in Hong Kong.

The public worried for the couple’s wellbeing after the 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal when they were there for an event last week. The deadly earthquake which claimed over 3000 lives also resulted in more than 30 subsequent tremors.

Michelle’s manager got in contact with the couple yesterday and the Hong Kong actress released an official statement through her manager, expressing her gratitude towards the media and her friends’ concern over their safety. When the earthquake happened, Michelle explained that the couple was originally in their hotel room but they were quickly evacuated and did not suffer from any injuries.

Michelle shared that she is blessed to have returned home safely with her fiancé and ended her statement by giving her blessings and showing her concern towards victims of the earthquake who are still trapped in the disaster-stricken areas.

Speaking of her traumatising experience, Michelle shared that she would still feel jitters at the thought of the disaster. “We stayed in the open space for many hours and we were not allowed to enter the hotel anymore. We felt really fearful when we waited for the latest updates and my phone was also spoilt,” she recalled.

“When we were finally allowed to enter our hotel rooms to pack our luggage, we realised that the interior was completely damaged,” she added.

When asked if this incident would prompt the couple to bring forward their wedding date, Michelle dodged the question intelligently as she replied, “For now, our greatest concern is the situation in Nepal.” 

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