Mickey Huang, Dee Hsu hosting collaboration killed

Dee’s husband offers thinly veiled refusal

Mickey, Dee, Mike

A possible hosting collaboration between former lovers Mickey Huang and Dee Hsu has been killed by Dee’s husband, Taiwanese businessman Mike Hsu.

Taiwanese television producer Chan Jen-hsiung revealed that after the Dee–Mickey collaboration was suggested, Dee discussed it earnestly with her husband, who replied, “Personally I have no opinion of it, but I’m afraid it will affect the family.”

With the talk show Here Comes Kangxi due to end its 12-year run in January 2016 after its hosts, Dee and Kevin Tsai, announced their exit in October, the hunt for a new variety programme to take its place is heating up.

Mickey, Dee

Jen-hsiung said on Sunday that whether it’s a talk show or an infotainment programme, the format has to be confirmed by mid-December or it will be too late to start recording.

Television presenters Woo Gwa, Jacky Wu, Matilda Tao and Ou Han-sheng were all tipped to succeed Here Comes Kangxi, according to the Taiwanese media. There was hope that Dee and Kevin would stay on with the talk show, but with Kevin due to begin filming his directorial debut in April, it is unlikely to happen.

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