Mickey Huang meets girlfriend Summer Meng’s parents

The Taiwanese host hopes that he has “passed the test” after meeting his girlfriend’s parents 

Mickey Huang meets girlfriend Summer Meng’s parents

Wedding bells could ring soon for Taiwanese celebrity couple Mickey Huang and Summer Meng, after the former recently met his girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

At an event on Wednesday, Mickey revealed that he treated Summer’s parents to dinner at a Chinese restaurant where they spent three hours having a “nice and casual conversation”. However, the veteran host declined to share details of their discussion.

“It was very enjoyable. Her parents’ friendliness made me feel at ease,” the 43-year-old added.

When asked if his future in-laws had a good impression of him, Mickey said that he did not wish to feel pressurised but he tried his best to “pass the test”.

Although Mickey has yet to propose, he let on that they are “working towards that direction (marriage)” while enjoying their current status as a dating couple. 

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