Mickey Huang’s date with Summer Meng disrupted by public

The couple felt embarrassed to have their photographs taken by the public during their trip to Beijing

Mickey Huang’s date with Summer Meng disrupted by public

Taiwanese television host Mickey Huang and his girlfriend Summer Meng was stuck in an awkward situation when the public gathered around and took photographs of them while they were on a trip in Beijing.

The couple, known for keeping a low profile about their relationship of one year, had recently gone on a trip together and were spotted visiting the 798 Art Zone in Beijing.

The two had settled at a booth by the roadside as they wanted a street artist to do a sketch for them. However, an unexpected crowd began to form and they took photographs of Mickey and Summer. This led to a rare photo of the couple appearing in the same frame to be uploaded online.

At a magazine launch on Monday (May 4), Summer revealed her thoughts on the incident and commented awkwardly, “Initially, (I) thought (we) wouldn’t be recognised (by the public). We didn’t expect to see more and more people gather around us.”

Mickey Huang’s date with Summer Meng disrupted by public

Summer jested that some passersby did not have a clue of who she was. “(They) kept asking me if he (Mickey) is a celebrity.”

She added jokingly that as the couple could not leave their seats in the middle of the sketching process, they could only sit awkwardly until it was completed. She also commented that in future, the couple may consider having a sketch based on their photograph instead.

On the other hand, Summer has recently suffered from bruises and a relapse of an old injury in her spine as she had to learn difficult dance moves while preparing for a new show. While Mickey is said to be worried for his girlfriend’s health, he only gave her support implicitly by commenting, “Those who can endure the worst hardships would become the best of the best.

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