Mickey Huang will not invite exes to his wedding

His girlfriend, Summer Meng, earlier declined his public proposal at the Golden Bell Awards

Mickey Huang will not invite exes to his wedding

Taiwanese host Mickey Huang seemed all set to marry his girlfriend Summer Meng, publicly proposing to her after accepting his Golden Bell Award for Best Variety Show and Variety Show Host.

His girlfriend’s indirect rejection of his proposal, however, seemed to have put a dampener on plans. Summer was asked about the proposal at a recent event, where her reply of, “(the wedding) is still in the works” gave renewed hope that all is not lost for Mickey’s hopes of tying the knot in the near future.

Mickey has been busy with a host of activities and has been said to be unlikely to be aiming for a ceremony at the end of the year. Instead, he mused, “our target (of getting married) is clear, but we’re not so sure about when it’s going to happen”.

Following his reconciliation with ex-girlfriends Dee Hsu and Bowie Hsang at the Golden Bell Awards, many are curious if they will be on the guest list for his nuptials, Mickey joked that it may “cause distress”, adding that he will not be inviting his exes for his big day. Laughing, he concluded, “However, they’re welcome to give us red packets.”

Mickey was also asked about his thoughts on the double departures of Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu from Here Comes Kangxi, to which he shared, “It’s a real pity and I believe those directly involved feel even more conflicted than the rest of us.” He chuckled, “We should change our programme’s time slot to 10 pm (Here Comes Kangxi’s timeslot) instead.” He will be hosting the Golden Indie Music Awards on Nov 7 alongside Wonfu’s Mami.

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