Ming Dao spotted at market with rumoured girlfriend

The actor-singer also helped out at his mother’s sweet potato stall


Taiwanese actor-singer Ming Dao was recently photographed at a vegetable market, helping his mother to sell sweet potatoes, with an unnamed woman by his side. The two of them was mistaken to be a couple by passersby, due to their intimate interactions.

Ming Dao, who shot to fame with the drama, The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog in 2005 has been known to be an extremely filial son. When his mother got into an accident 10 years ago, the 33-year-old stayed by her side throughout her recovery period and even planned a holiday for his mother once she recovered.

Recently, the actor-singer has been a frequent face at the market, clad in a white tee and cargo shorts and holding an umbrella for his mother as she sold sweet potatoes. An unnamed female with her hair gathered into a ponytail was also spotted chatting with them, with an eyewitness claiming that the female had “held hands with Ming Dao” and that they “looked very good together.”


It is understood that the actor bought a house for his mother years ago and chose an apartment on the first floor to make it easier for his mother, who had difficulties walking. After a while however, his mother had complained of boredom and wanted to set up a stall at the market.

Ming Dao was initially against the idea, but realised later that it was good for his mother to go out and interact with people. Thus, the actor will pop by once in a while when he’s free to help out at her stall. Ming Dao would also oblige and take photos with marketgoers and, in return, laughingly request for them to “buy a sweet potato” from his mum.

The actor also released a statement through his manager, revealing that he will visit the market to help his mum when he’s free, and that sales are pretty good whenever he’s there. When asked about the unnamed female who had held hand with Ming Dao, his manager then replied awkwardly, ‘[They’re] just friends”.

Photos: PBE Media

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