Miriam Yeung gets rammed into by a bull

Real Ting explained that Miriam Yeung was almost paralysed from the bull’s hit

Miriam Yeung gets rammed into by a bull

A bull rammed into Hong Kong actress-singer Miriam Yeung during a shoot for the Chinese reality show The Amazing Race and a video that captured the entire scene circulated online, causing many fans to be extremely concerned for her.

Although 41-year-old Miriam was standing far away from the bull, the animal charged furiously towards her and knocked her off her feet. The impact from the bull’s hit must have been very strong, judging from the fact that Miriam actually flew a distance away from where she had been standing.

Miriam Yeung gets rammed into by a bull

Miriam’s singer husband Real Ting explained in an interview, “I spoke to her and asked if she wanted to forfeit [the activity] because it was too dangerous… She was nearly paralysed from the impact.”

Many people complained about how “there was a lack of safety measures being implemented for the show”, saying that “the accident was avoidable”. Others simply commented that the entire thing is “just a publicity stunt”.

Yesterday, a post was released on The Amazing Race official Weibo, stating that Miriam is recovering well and that this will not affect any future shoots in the series.

They continued to explain that they had a professional medical team on-site that took care of Miriam and treated her injuries immediately. Also, they promised to implement better security measures to avoid any future mishaps.

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