Miriam Yeung postpones concert due to health problem

The Hong Kong singer has yet to recover fully from bronchitis

Miriam Yeung postpones concert due to health problem

Hong Kong singer Miriam Yeung, who was previously hospitalised for prolonged high fever, has announced that the Guangzhou stop of her concert tour, originally scheduled to take place on Jun 13, will be postponed to Aug 29.

Miriam also posted about the postponement on her Weibo. She wrote: “This is my 20th anniversary in the industry. Every concert is very important to me. But as I have yet to recover from the illness, I still need time to regain my stamina and voice. I am very sorry!”

“Thanks everyone for the continuous support and concern. I am also extremely grateful to the concert organisers for being so cooperative. I will be at my best on Aug 29. See you there!”

Sources revealed that the songstress has been busy shuttling between work and family ever since her new tour started at the beginning of the year. After the check-up during her hospitalisation, Miriam’s husband Real Ting revealed that her bronchial tubes, which are part of the respiratory system, are infected.

On Tuesday, Miriam’s company released a statement saying that the singer showed early symptoms of pneumonia and has been advised by the doctor to recuperate at home for the time being. 

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