Misunderstanding leads to Edison Chen’s fight in Shanghai airport

Both parties agree to settle, move on soon after incident

Edison 3

Erstwhile pop star Edison Chen and the bespectacled middle-aged man who cut in line in front of him reached a settlement soon after their altercation at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport on Saturday afternoon. About three hours after the incident, both parties agreed to a settlement and continued their journeys.

This scuffle was reportedly due to a misunderstanding: Edison was checking in at a first-class check-in counter when he stepped aside for a moment to take a phone call. The bespectacled man behind him instead thought Edison was done and stepped up to the counter. When Edison returned he thought he had been cut in line, and reacted with anger, flinging the identity pass of the offending man on the floor.

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An argument ensued and the line-cutter looked ready to punch Edison, even ordering ground staff to call the police. From some photos posted online, the queue-jumper looked livid, while Edison had his hands raised, seemingly to prove he wasn’t on the offensive. Security arrived on the scene soon after.

According to the airport police post, at about 1pm on Saturday, Juneyao Airlines ground crew reported a physical altercation between two travellers while they were checking in at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport terminal 2, gate E.

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