More evidence of David Tao’s “cheating affair” surface

Yang Zi Qing continued to release more screenshots in an attempt to prove that David Tao was cheating on his wife with her

More evidence of David Tao’s “cheating affair” surface

After Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao made headlines on Monday when his ex-girlfriend Yang Zi Qing accused him of cheating on his wife Penny Jiang, Zi Qing leaked even more screenshots of her LINE chat with David.

One of the screenshots clearly stated that David sent her a message on October 21, “Haha, do you want to do that?”, proving that he was still talking to her even after his marriage last August.

In an interview, Zi Qing claimed that even though she clearly stated that she didn’t want to be a third party anymore, he still wanted to contact her. She said, “He sent me a lot of messages. Sometimes, I would only reply with one line, and sometimes I wouldn’t even reply. When I don’t reply, he would call.”

When asked about her response to his invitation to meet up, she explained, “I think he was very impatient with me. I rejected him a few times and he was very unhappy.”

More evidence of David Tao’s “cheating affair” surface

In the chat log, David and Zi Qing appeared to be flirting with each other, saying things like “Let me know when you’re here, I’ll send someone to fetch you” and “I’m pretty tired today, I think today won’t be a good time”.

Zi Qing said in one of the conversations that she would introduce a beautiful girl to David and said “You can look but you can’t touch”, hinting about having a “threesome”.

When David was in Chengdu and Zi Qing was in Shanghai, David texted her when he was finding it hard to fall asleep: “Is your pretty friend coming to find me yet?” Then when she told him that the girl had returned home, he responded, “Then I will have to work harder on my own.”

The timings at which the text messages were sent did not seem to tally and it was suspected that she had deleted some messages in between.

David’s representative said, “We need time to sort everything out and clarify a few things. Thank you very much for all of your concern. We will make an announcement immediately when a conclusion has been made. Thank you.”

More evidence of David Tao’s “cheating affair” surface

Also, David was spotted driving Penny to a shopping mall in his sports car yesterday. After Penny entered the clothing store alone, reporters approached him as he was seated in the car waiting.

They tried to ask David about his relationship with Zi Qing through the closed car window and he responded by using his phone to take photos of the reporters. When Penny returned to the car, she too got bombarded by reporters and David was seen trying to reassure her when she boarded the vehicle. 

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