Moses and Aimee Chan dismiss divorce rumours

Moses Chan was spotted taking his wife Aimee on a leisurely family trip, dismissing rumours of their soured relationship

Moses and Aimee Chan dismiss divorce rumours

Two years after their marriage, Hong Kong celebrity couple Aimee and Moses Chan is rumoured to be living separately due to frequent quarrels. Sources claimed that Moses could not focus on memorising scripts at home and has moved in with his brother at his old residence.

Aimee is also speculated to be facing increasing stress after giving birth to their second son Nathan Lucas, which resulted in her complaints about her husband being too busy to take care of the family.

However, the family of four was recently seen together on a vacation in celebration of Mothers’ Day, indirectly dismissing rumours of a soured relationship between the couple. 

It was witnessed that when Moses and his elder son were walking ahead of Aimee, he would turn around and give her a sweet smile. Later, they were seen hugging each other round the waist and purchasing baby supplies together in a seven-storey mall.

To take care of the boys, Aimee has yet to return to acting and is now focused on raising her kids. Ever since Moses renewed his contract with TVB last year, he has been acting in dramas consecutively, even bleaching his hair white for new drama Trendsetter. The actor also said that he is willing to make sacrifices to give his loved ones a good life.

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