Moses and Aimee Chan’s son favoured by producers

A milk powder company in Hong Kong reportedly offered the family a seven-figure advertisement fee

Moses and Aimee Chan’s son favoured by producers
Not only are Hong Kong actors Moses and Aimee Chan enjoying a blissful marriage and a rapid growth of the size of their family, but advertisers have also made high offers for the couple and their 1-year-old boy, Aiden, to cast them in advertisements and shows.

A Hong Kong magazine recently revealed that a milk powder company offered a seven-figure fee for the couple and Aiden to star in their advertisement while Chinese producers offered tens of millions of dollars to cast Moses and Aiden in a famous parenting reality show, which Moses reportedly expressed interest in.

The couple have been well-loved by advertisers and organisers even back when they began dating a few years ago.

When Moses and Aimee made their first public appearance at an event after going public with their relationship, they earned a sum of HK$250,000 (approximately S$43,000).

Organisers were also willing to pay more money to have Aimee appear in a wedding gown next to Moses.

In the course of her pregnancy, the 33-year-old’s endorsement fees also rose and she actively participated in many events to earn more money for her expanding family unit.

With Aimee now advancing in her pregnancy term and going on a hiatus, the couple’s income will be reduced as Moses also rejected several overseas productions last year so that he could watch Aiden’s growth daily while working in Hong Kong.

However, upon receiving casting offers for Aiden, the couple’s income may be on the rise again.

Despite recent news of the couple expecting their second baby boy, Moses and Aimee are already making plans for a baby girl next. Moses said at an event earlier on that Aimee and he had both agreed some time back that they would try for a baby girl after their second child.

“Both of us adore kids and now that we are expecting with our second boy, Aiden would soon have a buddy to exercise with. But if we were to have more children, I think we would need a bigger house then!”

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