My childishness chased Elva Hsiao away: Kai Ko

The Taiwanese actor finally opened up about the reason behind his break-up with Elva Hsiao 

Kai Ko
After his high-profile break-up with Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao in March last year, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has avoided talking about her ex-girlfriend, giving unhappy expressions whenever he was probed by the media.  On one occasion, the Tiny Times star even slammed Elva in a Facebook post which drew criticism on his low EQ (emotional intelligence).

Following his drug case, Kai appears to be more careful with his speech these days. In a recent interview, the 23-year-old was asked on the real reason behind their split. Although the actor initially claimed that he has “forgotten”, he later opened up about the incident for the first time.

“In short, we had differences. I’m more childish and I used to care a lot about unnecessary things. I was quite stubborn too,” Kai shared. “I often got angry over small issues and I easily got agitated when I heard certain words. I have a very strong defense mechanism, like a hedgehog.”

However, Kai said that he is no longer as temperamental and that he has learned to reduce his ego. If he could go back in time, the actor believes that he would have managed the situation in a much better way.

Now that Elva is happily attached to her new beau, Singaporean heir Elroy Cheo, Kai gave his blessings to the couple while expressing his hopes for the media to stop asking about their past relationship.

Responding to rumours about his romance with Dream Girls member Tia Li, Kai clarified that they would occasionally meet up for movies and meals in a group, and that the two of them have never gone out on their own. “I didn’t make any confession. Tia is many guys’ ideal type of girlfriend,” he added with a smile.

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