Myolie Wu admits to new romance

The Hong Kong actress is dating the boss of a headhunting firm

Myolie Wu admits to new romance
Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu’s new romance came to light after the 35-year-old was recently seen kissing her boyfriend Philip Lee on the streets of Taipei.

Last week, Myolie took time off filming of a Chinese reality show called Wonderful Friends to attend her friend’s wedding with her new beau in Taiwan. The couple then headed to a club and partied till the wee hours before returning to the hotel together.

The lovebirds locked lips in public the next day and exchanged affectionate gazes at the airport, seemingly unwilling to part with each other.

According to Hong Kong media, Philip, the boss of a headhunting firm, has been seeing Myolie for three months. The 40-year-old, who previously dated Hong Kong actress Selena Li for a year, is even rumoured to have proposed to Myolie as he “is certain that the actress would be his life partner”.

Due to Philip’s wish for his girlfriend to withdraw from showbiz after tying the knot, Myolie has allegedly stopped contract renewal discussions with TVB to get ready for a flash marriage.

Yesterday, the Ghetto Justice star admitted to the relationship and sang praises of her boyfriend’s personality. “He is very nice. Don’t scare him away! I’m filming a show in Guangzhou now. I will answer everyone’s queries when I return to Hong Kong!” Myolie exclaimed.

When contacted by reporters, Myolie’s ex-lover Bosco Wong gave his blessings to the couple. “I have to try harder [to find love again] but work takes priority for now,” he said.

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