Myolie Wu refutes boyfriend’s cheating rumours

Myolie Wu’s boyfriend was rumoured to be cheating on her with a Cecilia Cheung look-alike

Myolie Wu and Crztal To debunk cheating rumours

It was rumoured that Hong Kong actress-singer Myolie Wu’s boyfriend Philip Lee cheated on her while working overseas with model-actress Crztal To, who resembles actress Cecilia Cheung.

Philip and Crztal were reportedly spotted together at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong which sparked rumours about him “cheating behind Myolie’s back”.

When the news broke out, Myolie clarified online that she knows Crztal is the girlfriend of Philip’s good friend, saying, “Everyone was there that night, Philip was by my side when we were chatting. The funniest part is that they only spoke for 10 seconds in total, but even that could be spun into something else.”

Myolie bluntly said that she thinks this is “hilarious” and that she has faith in her boyfriend. She continued, “Philip has a lot of friends, male and female. Chatting with friends is normal, and everyone shouldn’t get too worked up about this. If the rumours become about me in the future, there’ll be no need for re-explanation. Thank you and have a good day!”

Myolie Wu and Crztal To debunk cheating rumours

The couple flirted with each other in the comments, proving that their relationship is still intact. After Philip commented “I fully support you!”, Myolie immediately replied, “Thank you very much!”

Additionally, female dance group HunterZ’s Crztal explained that she doesn’t know Philip very well and that they are just mutual friends, “We only spoke very briefly that night and we did not even have physical contact. At the most, he touched my arm for a moment. I don’t even have his number.”

She continued to admit that she is aware that Myolie and Philip are together, so she “would never want to be a third party to them” and “would not be so foolish”.

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