Myolie Wu begs the paparazzi to leave her family alone

Myolie Wu reiterated that she has no time to get married and asked the paparazzi to stop stalking her family members

Myolie Wu begs the paparazzi to leave her family alone

After Hong Kong actress-singer Myolie Wu announced her relationship with businessman boyfriend Philip Lee in January, the couple’s relationship has been under public scrutiny and there have been multiple speculations about them getting married. As a result, the paparazzi have been camping by her house and keeping a close watch.

When 35-year-old Myolie noticed the paparazzi waiting near her house yesterday, she begged them to stop stalking her family members on Weibo: “[To the] paparazzi, please stop waiting below my house, and please don’t stalk my sister.”

She continued to explain that her sister is not from show business and is in poor health, “She has a weak heart, so please don’t take her pictures and please don’t disturb my family.”

Additionally, Myolie revealed in her post that she is currently filming a show in Beijing and added, “I’ve no time for marriage, you guys can go take a rest first!”

Netizens defended Myolie with comments such as: “Celebrities are people too, and they lead have their own lives too. How can they live on happily if you keep disturbing them?” and “Don’t be angry… We support you!”

At the start of the year, Myolie and Philip were photographed kissing on the streets and admitted to their relationship, adding that they are “very happy together,” when photos of their public display of affection was published. Although the two just started dating, they are happily in love according to her interview with Toggle.

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