Myolie Wu debunks rumours about year-end wedding

Myolie Wu personally addresses marriage rumours, but denies that she plans to settle down soon

Myolie Wu: I will definitely announce my marriage

Responding to rumours about an end-of-year marriage in the UK, Hong Kong actress-singer Myolie Wu clarified the matter and denied the rumours at the world’s only surviving giant panda triplets’ first birthday party in Guangzhou, China on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old said: “All of these (rumours) are completely fabricated by the media. If it’s not straight from my mouth, please don’t believe it.”

When probed about whether her boyfriend Philip Lee has popped the question, she explained, “I think that this is a personal matter and I’d like to keep it to myself.”

Myolie Wu: I will definitely announce my marriage

Addressing the rumour about her paying HK$2 million (S$354,400) for her supposed year-end wedding, Myolie said, “Whoever proposes to me should be the one paying. I feel that this is sincerity!” and explained that she is “not expecting a fairy tale wedding”.

Although Myolie admitted that she admires TVB actress Rosina Lin’s private wedding to her CEO boyfriend last weekend, the actress does not intend to wed in secret. “Because I would want to share my good news with everyone so that everyone can rest assured,” she quipped.

In response to further questions about the topic, she bluntly replied, “I will definitely announce my marriage when the time comes.”

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