Myolie Wu hopes to give birth to triplets

The Hong Kong actress talks about her blissful relationship and how many children she wishes to have

Myolie Wu hopes to give birth to triplets

Things are progressing smoothly for Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu and her entrepreneur boyfriend Philip Lee since they made their relationship public in January.

Not only were they rumoured to be cohabiting after being seen shopping for groceries together, the couple also ‘practised’ being parents when Myolie’s nephew joined them on their date.

In Singapore for a charity concert on Monday to raise funds for a children’s hospital, Myolie shared in her interview with Hong Kong media that she has once discussed her baby plans with Philip.

As someone who loves children, the actress added that she has also volunteered her services and visited the children’s hospital a few months ago. She is also currently sponsoring more than 10 children overseas.

Myolie Wu hopes to give birth to triplets

When asked if Philip shares her love for children, Myolie replied sweetly, “He likes them very much.” Reporters also asked if she wishes to have a child soon, but the actress replied that she is still not married and things should happen one step at a time.

However, she revealed shortly that the couple has talked about their child-bearing plans, adding that she wishes to give birth to a set of triplets.

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