Myolie Wu, husband safe from Hokkaido earthquake

Newlyweds on honeymoon land in Tahiti before tremors strike


Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, 36, and her new husband, businessman Philip Lee, reported they were safe via Weibo after a magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck Hokkaido yesterday before noon.

Along with a wefie, Myolie wrote, “We heard about the quake in Hokkaido, thank you all for your concern. We’ve left the area, but thinking of my ski instructor and hoping all our friends in Hokkaido are safe!”

Myolie and Philip were in Hokkaido for part of their honeymoon, but the couple had arrived in Tahiti before the tremors struck and frantic fans tried to contact her.

Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport shut its runway, and the Tohoku Shinkansen train temporarily suspended operation in Aomori and Iwate prefectures.

Myolie married Philip in Hong Kong last December 28.

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