Myolie Wu: I hope to have 3 kids within a year

Actress pays respects to husband Philip Lee’s ancestors

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After she married her fiance, businessman Philip Lee, last December 28, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, 36, paid her respects to his ancestors at his family shrine on Saturday in Hong Kong’s Sha Tau Kok town.

When the emcee blessed Myolie with “three children in two years,” the actress laughed. Asked whether she had any such plans, Myolie said, “I hope to have three in one year.”

Myolie and Philip wore red and performed Hakka rites, walking into the Lee clan’s shrine holding hands. Many friends and family of the couple were present, and townspeople came to witness the occasion. The newlyweds offered toasts to all the guests.

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During the ceremony, Myolie spoke in Philip’s family dialect of Hakka, introducing herself and saying she was the first bride to enter the shrine after it underwent renovation. “Everything was done according to tradition,” she said. “Philip prefers a traditional ceremony, and he’s the eldest son, so I will respect his customs.”

The couple held their wedding banquet last Monday at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong.

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