Myolie Wu is happily in love

Happily attached to her businessman boyfriend, the Hong Kong actress wants to take things slow for her career now

Myolie Wu is happily in love

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Hong Kong actress-singer Myolie Wu’s love life has been in the spotlight since she went public with her relationship (she’s dating Hong Kong businessman Philip Lee) in January this year. The lovebirds are not afraid to share their affections for each other in public and have been photographed kissing while on the streets of Hong Kong.

In town to promote her new drama Every Step You Take and to perform at a Mothers’ Day special concert last week, Myolie spoke about her love life, career plans, and clarified on rumours about Philip’s multiple proposal attempts.

“All of this is made up by the media themselves. Do you believe it too?” she bluntly said. “When I said I was happy, I really meant just that. The media just spiced up the news a little. How could he have proposed three times? Sounds like a TVB drama serial to me!”

When asked if she will “say yes” should Philip propose to her three times, she replied with a laugh, “I don’t know, I’ve never gone through it!” The actress reassured that marriage is “a happy matter” and promised to never keep it a secret if things work out between them.

With their developing relationship being subjected to constant media scrutiny, Myolie shared that she and Philip have spoken about protecting each other’s secrets and revealed her stance towards the paparazzi.

“There are times he will feel a little helpless, but we have to get used to it, being in this industry… I’ve become very open to it already,” she said.

  Myolie Wu is happily in love

Having a boyfriend will not disrupt her career plans

Apart from sharing about her love life, Myolie also revealed her future career plans in her interview with Toggle.

With her TVB contract up for renewal, it’s no wonder the media and her fans are curious about her current status with the company and if she intends to focus on the Chinese market instead.

Myolie said that having a boyfriend will not disrupt her career development, but she hopes to improve the quality of her (acting) skills and has yet to fully confirm her future career plans.

“I think that a lot of things need to be put to consideration because after all, it is a big decision to make. Timing is key, especially since I am not that young anymore,” explained Myolie.

Myolie then continued, “I need to carefully think about how my life will be like, because I feel that in life, you cannot just work and work. Family, health and your own personal life are all important things to take care of.”

"I kept on acting and acting, but now I feel that I have acted for too long and hence... it is not that I wouldn't act in the future anymore, but I would hope to have opportunities to learn from different people and have different career developments next time."

This article is translated by Melanie Ho.

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