Myolie Wu not in a rush to marry

The Hong Kong actress wishes to date a little longer

Myolie Wu not in a rush to marry
Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu recently said that she is still not ready to marry her boyfriend Philip Lee, whom she admitted to be in a relationship with last month.

Despite the two being rumoured to be cohabiting and seen going on a date looking like a family-of-three with Myolie’s nephew, Myolie revealed in her interview with Hong Kong media that she is not in a rush to marry at the moment.

At a Chinese New Year countdown event at a shopping mall she attended last week with close celebrity friend Nancy Wu, both actresses were asked about their wishes for the new year.

Nancy, who went on stage to share her wish, looked at Myolie while she said, “I wish there would be weddings happening to those around me. I would not beat you (Myolie) to it!”

Myolie, on the other hand, showed off the calligraphy with words ‘blissful and happy” while smiling brightly on stage. She also revealed that she is very joyful at the moment and wished that the new year would be smooth sailing for her.

When asked about her wishes for her relationship, Myolie replied, “(We are) all very happy (with our relationship status) but we cannot move on to the next stage of ‘happiness’ yet.”

Does that mean that she is not ready to marry?

The 34-year-old frankly replied that though her mother had asked her to marry soon and they have seen each other’s parents, she still wishes to “get along with (Philip) a little longer”.

Would there be any chance that the two would marry this year?

Myolie snapped in reply, “Wouldn’t that be a little too impulsive?”

Myolie Wu not in a rush to marry
However, the actress later added that she would visit her boyfriend’s home during Chinese New Year and had prepared her gift in advance.

When asked if she is happy to have a boyfriend to spend the festive period with this year, Myolie wittily replied, “I don’t remember how I celebrated (Chinese New Year) last year, but I know that it was always happy.”

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