Myolie Wu on baby-making: We’ll leave it up to fate

The Hong Kong actress was in town for Star Awards 2016 Part 2

Myolie Wu on baby-making: We’ll leave it up to fate

Photos: Lee Wei Lin, Myolie Wu/Instagram, Philip Lee/Instagram
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“Are there any sort of benefits for foreigners who give birth in Singapore?” Myolie Wu chuckled, when asked on-stage at the Star Awards 2016 if she would follow in the footsteps of Sonia Sui and deliver her future bundles of joy on our sunny shores.

This being her first visit to Singapore after she tied the knot, she was also grilled on her baby-making plans, to which she coyly responded, “I haven’t thought about it in detail – we’ll just do our best and leave it up to fate. We won’t stress out over this matter.”

The self-professed workaholic, who recently returned to work after a 12-city honeymoon adventure following her wedding last December, confessed in an interview with Toggle, “I think I went on holiday for too long and I definitely need to dive into work again. I’ve been busy in April and I’ll be flying to Vietnam tomorrow (April 25, as this interview was conducted on April 24) – but I’m happy as long as I have work to do.”

While she enjoys being constantly on the move, she mused, “I won’t give myself too much stress over specific goals or targets, and I’ll be grateful for any opportunities that come my way. I’ve been trying different roles in various movies recently and I’m satisfied with that.”

As a newlywed, Myolie shared that much has changed since she’s tied the knot. “I have one more identity (Mrs. Philip Lee) now and it isn’t something to be taken lightly. I have to take responsibility and think on his behalf as well. In the past, it was just me and so I’ve gotten busier after marriage.”

“Even before marriage, I didn’t have a tendency to take on racier roles – that’s not my image. So there won’t really be a difference between the roles I accept now that I’ve gotten married,” the 38-year-old said of her husband’s trust in her decisions with regards to her career.

Myolie Wu on baby-making: We’ll leave it up to fate

As to whether she finds herself a good wife, Myolie laughed before replying, “You’ll have to ask my husband about this because I can’t be praising myself like this.”

While her husband was nowhere to be seen during the Star Awards, snaps of the two enjoying time together in Singapore was uploaded on both their personal Instagram accounts. The couple posed for the obligatory shot of Marina Bay Sands in the background in a photo Myolie uploaded, while Philip’s were mostly of the food the pair sampled while in the country, save for one which showed them in the snazzy boutique nightclub Suite26 enjoying their time off.

With the jet-setter popping by cities all around the world (last we checked, she was in Ho Chin Minh), it’s only a matter of time before Myolie will make another stop here once again – and hopefully, she’ll have more good news to share when she does.

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