Myolie Wu reveals why ex Bosco Wong gave her wedding a miss

The actress also shared about her marriage to businessman Philip Lee


After her and former beau, fellow actor Bosco Wong’s, much-publicised breakup, Myolie met her now-husband, businessman Philip Lee, and the two married in December 2015.

The actress extended an invitation to Bosco via text message, and the actor shared that he was working to clear his schedule in order to be able to attend the wedding. However, he was a no-show on the day itself.

During an interview, Myolie revealed why Bosco was unable to attend: the actor’s father had just passed away, so he had to give the event a miss.


But Myolie, who’s currently expecting her first child, was all smiles as she shared more about her marriage. The 37-year-old let on that she feels that the most important thing in a relationship is mutual respect, especially when it comes to work.

“Once, Philip asked me if I would accept a role [as revealing] as [Chinese actress] Tang Wei’s role in the movie, Lust, Caution. I said yes without thinking much about it, but after hearing my answer, he sulked for a number of days,” she laughingly recalls.

The actress revealed that even though Philip grew up overseas, he still has a very traditional mindset.

“After he knew that I’d be going to a mountainous area for filming, he specially purchased a piece of jade [which is known for its protective abilities according to Chinese sayings] for me to wear, in order to protect myself. Once, he saw that I wasn’t wearing it, and he got angry,” Myolie shared, adding that she now takes into consideration her husband’s feelings, and that she refrains from shooting intimate scenes whenever possible.

Photos: PBE Media

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