Myolie Wu rumoured to marry in December

‘You’re all more impatient about this than I am,’ Hong Kong actress says

Myolie Wu

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu is reportedly preparing to get married in late December to her boyfriend, Philip Lee, and an engagement ceremony was held during the lavish 36th birthday party he organised for her.

According to sources, the couple are planning to marry before the year ends, though they haven’t announced this publicly, and Myolie’s group of close actress friends - Nancy Wu, Paisley Wu, Elaine Yiu, Mandy Wong — are in the know.

When Nancy made an appearance at an event recently, she was asked whether it would be Myolie’s last birthday she celebrated as a single person. “That depends on whether she will have any announcement to make on the day, whether she receives grand presents,” she replied.

“Actually what matters is having loved ones close by to celebrate the occasion, and I hope there’ll be some good news.”

Myolie reportedly went to Sha Tau Kok town in northeastern New Territories in Hong Kong, where Philip is from, to pay her respects to his ancestors with incense and prayers. But yesterday the actress denied this, saying, “Thank you all for your concern, but I’ve said this many times - when there is good news I will announce it to everyone.”

“Please don’t be so impatient, you’re all more impatient about this than I am.”

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