Myolie Wu rumoured to have an “ulterior motive” behind her surprise visit

The actress surprised her husband at a wedding in Taiwan


After getting married to her businessman husband Philip late last December and embarking on a 12-city honeymoon tour, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has been busy with her own work commitments. Philip made a solo trip down to Taiwan recently to attend a friend’s wedding, only for his new wife to surprise him there.

While the two may appear to be in a loving relationship, a Hong Kong magazine has recently reported that Myolie had gone down to surprise Philip to make sure that he wasn’t fooling around in her absence.

According to the magazine, Myolie has been filming for her new movie in Suzhou, China for the past month. As it’s the first time the couple has been away from each other since they got married, Philip made sure to update Myolie on his whereabouts every day, and shared some pictures of him holidaying in Taiwan with his friends. However, Myolie realised that one of Philip’s friends had brought along his wife, who was attractive and has a good figure.


An insider then revealed, “Myolie was filming in Suzhou, and had left to attend a press conference with the production crew on May 18. Once the press conference was over, Myolie and her assistant rushed over to the airport to catch a plane to Taiwan for their surprise appearance at the wedding”.

Not only was Philip shocked by his wife’s sudden appearance, all the other guests present at the table were shocked as well, including the long-haired woman beside Philip, who used her phone to cover her face.

Regarding the rumours, Philip took to his Instagram to post a long message in English, explaining that the rumoured “third party” was actually married, and that he had apologised profusely to the couple for the false reports. He also chastised the media for falsely reporting news and creating scandals out of nothing.

Myolie also reiterated her husband’s words, and added, “Please believe in love, everyone, and don’t create more conspiracy theories.”

Photos: PBE Media 

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