Myolie Wu’s boyfriend proposed with ring hidden in rice cooker

The actress revealed she will marry on December 28

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After repeated questioning from Hong Kong media, actress Myolie Wu has finally admitted she is getting married on December 28 and has even booked the wedding banquet.

While attending a promotional event on Saturday, Myolie revealed that her businessman boyfriend, Philip Lee, had proposed months ago with a ring hidden in a rice cooker, the same ring she was wearing at the event.

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On comments that it was too soon for the couple to be planning to marry just a year after they met, 36-year-old Myolie said, “We’re not that young, and we know what we’re looking for. We have a similar outlook on life, and we feel the same way about family and careers.” The actress dated fellow Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong for eight years, until 2012.

Asked for details of the upcoming wedding, Myolie said she wasn’t sure if there would be a ceremony held in Sha Tau Kok town in Hong Kong, from where Philip hails, or whether it would be a traditional Chinese ceremony, because Philip was making all the arrangements.

There won’t be a wedding in the UK, Myolie said. “Actually we’ve never gone to the UK, and all my family are in Hong Kong,” she explained. She had attended boarding school in Northern Ireland as a teen.

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