Myolie Wu’s boyfriend is waiting for her to say ‘I do’

The 35-year-old Hong Kong actress’ boyfriend has reportedly proposed to her more than once

Myolie Wu’s boyfriend is waiting for her to say ‘I do’

Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu could be a married woman any time from now, as long as she says ‘I do’ to her boyfriend Philip Lee’s marriage proposal.

Since Myolie admitted to their relationship after the media had seen the two sharing a passionate kiss on the streets of Taiwan, the couple has steadily and openly developed their relationship and won the envy of the public for being a sweet couple.

Recently, the 35-year-old actress, whose contract with Hong Kong broadcaster TVB has just ended, announced her plans to take things slow and take a break from work. While Myolie is considering her options of renewing her contract, her entrepreneur boyfriend Philip had reportedly seized the opportunity to ask for her hand.

A source who claimed to be Philip’s close friend shared, “After he has known Myolie, he has completely changed his views of life. In the past, he would always say that he wants to focus on his career. However, he would now say that a man must have a family before he can establish his career.”

“He has proposed to Myolie many times, but Myolie does not give him an answer but only shows him a smile,” the source added.

Myolie is also said to be unwilling to give up her acting career for marriage, hence having her reservations about Philip’s proposal. A source who claimed to be Myolie’s friend explained, “Though they have a stable relationship now, they do not plan to have a flash marriage. As there is no need to rush into a marriage, they wish to think through it carefully and make a wise decision.”

Philip is also said to have known of Myolie’s wish to develop their relationship slowly. Hence, he has decided to persuade Myolie through his sincerity, meeting up with her whenever she returns to Hong Kong in between her busy filming schedules.

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