Myolie Wu’s fiance gets hit on while at a bar

Actress stands up for her beau: ‘It was innocent socialising’

Myolie Wu 1

Barely a month before she weds her businessman fiance, Philip Lee, 42, Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, 36, has had to stand up for his visiting a bar and getting hit on by unknown women.

Footage circulating online showed Philip at a Hong Kong watering hole downing a few drinks when two women approached him, and one even leaned in close to whisper in his ear, but Philip made no move on them.

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When Myolie was asked about this incident, she responded through her management agency and said, “It was innocent socialising. Nowadays paparazzi are everywhere and anyone can take photos with a smartphone, so it’s nothing shocking. [Philip] had a bunch of good friends return from England recently, so they all met up and that was it.”

Fans left the actress comments on social media that she ought to keep her fiance on a tight leash.

Myolie and Philip will hold their wedding ceremony on December 28.

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