Myolie Wu’s fiance Philip Lee owns neither house nor car

Actress’s family reportedly lukewarm about her choice of husband

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Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, 36, may be one of Hong Kong’s most famous celebs, but her fiance, businessman Philip Lee, doesn’t own property or a car, according to Hong Kong media.

Philip only holds 20 per cent of the shares at a pub, and, what’s more, he reportedly moved into Myolie’s luxury residence on Hong Kong’s Caldecott Hill just three months after they started dating, kicked out the actress’ sister because he wanted to be the head of the house, and started driving her car.

The 42-year-old entrepreneur is dubbed “Miss Hong Kong killer” for his history of dating beauty queens, including Selena Li and Kelly Cheung, former pageant contestants who are both good friends with Myolie.

A source close to Myolie revealed that her family are not enthusiastic about Philip, saying, “[Myolie and Philip] have been dating only a year and her family are telling her to think it (their relationship) over carefully, because Philip has no money and is living off Myolie, and has had such a colourful relationship history.”

“They far prefer Bosco Wong, because when he and Myolie were an item, he gave gifts of cars and property — he’s far more generous — and even brought presents on holidays for her family. But Myolie loves Philip, so there’s nothing her family can do.”

Myolie’s eight-year relationship with Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong ended in 2012. Her wedding to Philip will be held on December 28.

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