Myolie Wu seen trying wedding dresses

An insider reveals that Myolie Wu’s December wedding plans are currently in motion

Myolie Wu tries on wedding dresses

Following the rumours about her having a grand wedding in the United Kingdom (UK) three days after Christmas, Myolie personally denied the speculations at an event last Wednesday.

However, the 35-year-old was witnessed gathering a bunch of her girlfriends to discuss wedding details after returning to Hong Kong the very next day.

Additionally, Myolie was seen trying on wedding dresses later that day, appearing shy but beaming with joy from seeing herself in the various outfits.

Philip Lee, the entrepreneur who proposed to Myolie three months into dating, is reportedly placing his full attention on making wedding arrangements. After their “pre-honeymoon” at the Maldives in May, Myolie spent all her time finishing up her remaining projects in China and have tasked her husband-to-be to settle the rest.

Myolie Wu tries on wedding dresses

Although Myolie remains tight-lipped about her wedding details, an insider revealed, “Philip grew up in the UK and all of his close relatives and friends live there. Myolie once went to Northern Ireland to study and a lot of her friends are there as well. As a result, they plan to hold their wedding in the UK.”

“Phil knows that Myolie is very busy at work, so he’s singlehandedly planning the entire event such that all she has to do is invite her relatives to come and arrive in time for hair and makeup,” continued the informed source.

The insider also revealed that actresses Nancy Wu, Mandy Wong, Elaine Yiu, Selena Li and Paisley Wu could be Myolie’s bridesmaids, but all of them are refusing to comment about it.

And in order to give Myolie the unforgettable wedding she deserves, Philip even made flight arrangements for her friends in Hong Kong to travel all the way to the UK, in addition to hiring the catering, the venue and all of the other arrangements.

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