Myolie Wu springs ‘love ambush’ on husband

Actress surprises spouse at his friend’s wedding banquet


Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu, 36, surprised her new husband, Philip Lee, by showing up unannounced at a wedding banquet he was attending in Taiwan.

According to Hong Kong media, the actress has been busy promoting her theatre production, so Philip went to his friend’s wedding banquet alone.

In a clip uploaded on his Instagram account yesterday, Philip is shown seated and chatting with guests at his table when Myolie sneaks up behind him and plants a kiss on his face. He tilts his face up, as though expecting a second kiss, before he recognises his wife.


The couple embrace as Philip turns bright red. “I should have said, ‘I’m married, don’t kiss me!’” he says while brushing his cheek.

“Mrs Lee finished all her work early to earn a small break and decided to jump on a plane and pay me a surprise visit at my friends wedding in Taipei,” the businessman wrote in the caption. “Very unexpected but what a lovely surprise after not seeing her for a while.”

The couple married late last December and then went on a 12-city honeymoon tour.

Photos: PBE Media

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