Myolie Wu to move into Chinese market after TVB contract expired

Actress to focus on films, signs new 4-year contract worth S$6.45m

Myolie Wu, Stephen Shiu Jr.

Hong Kong media reports actress Myolie Wu has signed a four-year contract with GME China, after producer Stephen Shiu Jr. upped the offer by HK$10 million (approximately S$1.84 million) to HK$35 million (approximately S$6.45 million).

To announce Myolie’s signing officially, her new company will be putting her on stage with fellow GME China artistes Julian Cheung and Chrissie Chau tomorrow at a theatre in Tsim Sha Tsui. And to maintain the mystery, the event has been promoted simply as “Secret Artiste Signing Press Conference.”

When Myolie’s contract with Hong Kong TVB station was due to expire in July, there was intense speculation that she would move into the Chinese market. Media insiders revealed that TVB had tried every means to retain the actress, after having suffered a steady loss of its most popular talents over the years. Many Chinese and Hong Kong companies tried to get her onboard too, when Myolie made clear her intention not to renew her contract with TVB.

Stephen said he would make every effort to promote Myolie and support her film efforts, and will personally create roles for her. When asked for a statement on these developments, GME China only said, “We will announce it when the time is right.”

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