Netizens praise Hebe Tien for helping strays

Singer secretly donates $13,000 for a charitable cause


Photos: PBE Media, Facebook

New Taipei City New Life Pet Shelter Association posted on Facebook yesterday a picture of a cheque they had received on March 1, thanking Hebe Tien for her donation of NT$330,000 (approximately S$13,000).

“We are very thankful for your selfless donation to the stray animals. The power of love is indeed strong and truly moving,” they wrote.

The 32-year-old, who is known for her compassion, had attended the shelter’s event on February 29, one day before she had made the donation under her real name, Tien Fu Zhen.

The shelter also wrote, “Thank you for helping to raise awareness for our cause through your actions. Together with your efforts, we are able to help the stray animals find a new and loving home that they can stay in forever. Thank you for your care and compassion, thank you for your trust and support, we are truly grateful.”

Netizens commented, “Public figures can take the lead with their capabilities, actions and care for the less well off, so that our society will be full of positive energy! This is great” and “Beautiful both inside and out”, expressing their appreciation for Hebe’s kind act.


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