Netizens say Vivian Hsu’s son looks Eurasian

Actress’s baby Dalton wins fans with his large eyes


Netizens have asked Taiwanese actress and singer Vivian Hsu, 40, whether her 6-month-old son, Dalton, was Eurasian after the first-time mum shared a selfie with her newborn.

Vivian posted a message encouraging her fans to support the United Nations Children's Fund (or UNICEF)’s fundraising efforts on her Facebook page on Saturday.

But baby Dalton stole the show with his double eyelids, large eyes and chubby cheeks. The top comment on the photo read: “He must be Eurasian, if not it means his mother’s genes are too strong.”

Other fans said Dalton looked like a fortunate baby with his thick earlobes.

Vivian married her Indonesian-Chinese husband, Sean Lee, in 2014 and gave birth to Dalton last August after a gruelling pregnancy.


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