Newly married Wong Cho Lam can’t stop gushing about his wife

Multitalented artiste buys Hong Kong property worth S$1.02 million for Leanne Li

Wong Cho Lam, Leanne Li

Hong Kong actor and singer Wong Cho Lam is full of praise for his wife of eight months, Hong Kong-based actress Leanne Li, calling her the most important person in his household.

During his Saturday appearance at the recording of TVB music variety show Sunday Songbird, Cho Lam revealed he has purchased two luxury properties in Hong Kong, with the more recent one costing HK$115 million (approximately S$20 million) registered in Leanne’s name.

“It doesn’t matter, I trust her completely,” he said when asked about his decision to reward his wife with property. “Not only does she cook, she can hit the red carpet too. I’d buy an island for her.”

He added that Leanne prepares meals first thing in the morning. “What more could a man ask for?” he said.

Cho Lam has become even more successful after furthering his career in China. He and Leanne married on Valentine’s Day this year after dating for five years.

Wong Cho Lam, Leanne Li 2

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